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About Inside Small Art Exhibits

Discover the beauty Inside Small!

Inside Small Exhibits invites artists globally to create works no larger than 10" inches in any dimension. Small-scale artworks offer a rare opportunity to acquire pieces from exceptional artists, perfect for enriching your art collection or as distinctive gifts. The artists work in a broad spectrum of mediums from collage to fiber to photography to watercolor.

Alongside these, we also curate exhibits featuring artwork of all sizes. We organize multiple annual art exhibits both online and at various galleries across the tri-state area, aiming to provide artists with a platform for exposure and inspiration.

Enhance your art collection with captivating works inspired by each artist's unique interpretation!


Lisa D'Amico PhD, Rockefeller Gallery Associate Curator

Michael Craft, Wilton Art Works Gallery Co-Owner

Andrew Mainsonette, Maisonette Design & Production Owner

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